I love Disney World, but not …


I don’t doubt the magic of Disney World.

49703690002It’s the only place on Earth that can attract tens of thousands of people every day who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to walk in hellish heat and among crowds thicker than the Florida humidity only to stand in line for an hour to ride a two-minute roller coaster.

People don’t like sitting through a two-minute commercial break on TV. Why would they wait an hour for a ride?

Magic is the only explanation.

I found myself under the spell of this magic last month, but after a couple of days of breathing Tikerbell’s fairy dust, reality woke me up.

The crowds are overwhelming, the lines are horrendous, people are rude, and, well, you get the point. I see little girls and teens who love taking pictures with their favorite fairy tale Disney characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more. I heard someone asking them this question: “which ever after high character are you“? I just forgot how they answer the question…

For all the magic and glory of Disney World, I can name quite a few things I could do without when visiting America’s crown jewel of family getaway spots.

Starting with …

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4 Responses to I love Disney World, but not …

  1. Kathi Gagliano says:

    Lol. We went to Disneyworld in August 2008. There were no crowds at all and we were able to get on rides with little or no wait. Didn’t even use our fast passes. Of course, tropical storm Fay camped over the park for the entire time we were there. Inches of rain each day. And Disney is a crafty business–refunds are based on closing the park so they kept the park open. Closed all the rides, but the park and gift shops remained open the whole time. Still it was one of the most magical times in our family’s memory book. And we got over our colds before school started.

    • Nermin says:

      Congratulations on your new job. I plan on taking my litlte one to Disney World when he is old enough to appreciate it. As a first time mom I tend to jump the gun a bit (he has been to see A Lion King already he was 11 months old at the time) but I think exposure is important.Anyhow, I am here by way of Literal Dan and I will be sure to stop by again soon.

  2. Kathi Gagliano says:

    PS–thanks Janet and Kay for sharing this post with me. Brings back the memories!

  3. Yas says:

    When I was six, my Dad decided to pack us up in his new pea green chevy imlpaa and drive to Disney. It was hot and cramped but my parents were happy that they were able to provide the All American family vacation to my sister and I. Thirty-something years later, I can’t wrap my head around the whole Disney thing. Lucky for me, my sons (10 & 11) haven’t really pushed the issue, either. Hopefully they’ll continue to believe that beach vacations is all that I can afford! I love beaches and hate Disney. So instead I live vicariously and begrudginly through my Disney friends. Glad you had a good time, Keith, at least 50% of the time. Congrats on the documentary. You’re like the only celebrity I know cool. Looking forward to reading about the new gig.Yas

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