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Celeste returns to school after scoliosis surgery


Celeste returns to school today, nearly two months to the day of undergoing scoliosis surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital to free her spine of the curve in her spine. It’s been a long road, one we started on blindly when … Continue reading

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Our snowy trip home from the hospital


I wrote earlier this month about how well Celeste has been recovering from scoliosis surgery, and how boring these recent weeks have been for her. As a father, I’m glad she’s been a little bored because that means she isn’t … Continue reading

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Passing the milestones of recovering from scoliosis surgery


We all measure life by the milestones we pass, and few are sweeter than the ones we parents count for our children. Whether it’s the first word, tooth, step, day in kindergarten, or bike ride, all parents marvel at how … Continue reading

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Finding comfort during scoliosis surgery


“Thank you” feels inadequate. How can the same two words I’d say when someone passes the ketchup express the same gratitude I feel about every kind word, every email, every offer of help, every Facebook like, every prayer, and every … Continue reading

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Walking the long curvy path of scoliosis


Genetics can be so random. In some families it creates a genius who takes human knowledge to places the rest of us never imagined. In others it creates a disease that robs the world of a promising young life. Most families … Continue reading

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