I speak kid


Gavin (5): Where was Han Solo before?

Me: Excuse me?

Gavin: Where was Han Solo before at the time in the ship?

Me: Before when?

Gavin, slightly agitated: Don’t you understand my question? Where was Han Solo before?

Me: No, I don’t understand, Gavin. Before when?

Gavin, more agitated: Daddy! I mean, where was Han Solo before he came back?

Me: Came back when? To help Luke destroy the Death Star?

Gavin, still more agitated: No, Daddy! That’s not what I mean! I mean, where was Han Solo before?

Me: I don’t understand the question, Gavin.

Celeste (9): He means where did Han Solo and Chewbacca live before Obi-Wan and Luke hired them to fly them to Princess Leia?

Gavin: Yeah! That’s my question, Daddy. Don’t you understand?

Me: ??????

Celeste: I speak kid.

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